Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wow, summer is almost over and we haven't been able to do all the things we wanted to do. We had some fun taking the boat out a few times to go fishing and pulling the girls behind on the tube. Stan made some attempts to wake board. He'll get it! Stan had some fun six wheeling out at the Snakes with 4 Wheeler Magazine Editor Robin Stover. The girls and I have spent time playing with cousins. We even spent the night and went on a hike up to Timpanogas Caves with my sister Heather visiting from Virginia.

We also spent a weekend to go back and visit Stan's parents and hike around the mountains we miss so much! Marin also was baptized in June. We are so proud of her! We also had some fun at a car show! The girls got their faces painted and got to go on some rides while Stan walked around to look at all the cool cars!

So summer has been fun! Marin reminded me that only a month into summer vacation she needed to be back in school year round so she wouldn't miss out on learning! I think that is wonderful. Kelsey made a trip back to New Mexico to visit her mom and Bill and do some horseback riding. She had a good time. Twiggy is back with us again in all her cuteness!

I hope everyone has had a rewarding summer! We enjoyed ours even though it wasn't long enough. We hope to get some more fun in before the colder weather sets in!

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